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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Tearful Tale of a Husband

Once upon a time, there was a husband, a dear and compassionate soul, a supportive and handsome man, yet all these good qualities seemed to disappear as his wife heard the words, "Well, when will you make time for me?" from his mouth. Working five days out of the week, coming home to a meal, a home (for the most part taken care of) and children who greeted him with cheers, fishing and hunting on weekends whenever he so desired was not enough for this young man. Playing with the children and laying on the sofa to watch every male show his heart desired (which means mainly anything on SPIKE TV) just didn't seem to fill that empty space. What he really desired was time with wife, "alone", was he asking for too much? Was he tipping the scales of justice? He just wanted what any man wanted, besides fishing and hunting. He wanted what was rightfully his! His woman! But aahh, lo and behold, his wife has won the battle yet again and will blog away!

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