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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Freaky "Friday" Everyday

Seth(ocrates), my eldest son, seems to think he is a thirty year old parent of three. He is forever bossing around his younger brother and thinks he can hold down the fort when I'm busy in mother duties. He actually has said, "Hunter what have I told you, time and time again, don't play with the bubbles without me around." Wherever does he get it?!!! I've also had him say, "What did you not understand about the word No!" I've created a "monster", funny though my husband who you would think be quoting these statements more often is busy playing the whining husband. "I want to fish, I want to hunt, I want to sing, I want more "time" with you." WaaWaaWaa!!! It just seems at moments there is some Freaky Friday thing happening in my household, minus the laugh factor (because I don't find it funny).

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Blogger Meme said...

Thats how Chloe is over here when others come. You don't realize some of things you say until you hear her correcting them and say, she sounds just like me. Its hard to make them see that they shouldn't be doing that because they aren't the adult. But hopefully when they get older the things you taught them will stick.

11:47 AM  

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