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Friday, April 07, 2006

Dark Forces Beware

Okay, I admit it - I AM A CHARMED FREAK! If you don't know what tv show I happen to be raving about check it out @
So, I Netflixed Seasons 1-4 to catch up, since my children and husband just so happen to get a few wild hairs up their butts and start wrestling just when any decent show comes on TV. I was able to watch all of the seasons, but not without once in awhile Hunter Bunter observing also. At first, all he did was ask, "Mommy, I want to watch the witches." I didn't see any harm, yet I do realize this is probably not the healthiest show for my child to be witnessing. So, my son and I continue on a mission to see all the seasons and he begins to express that he has "powers". He even makes the motions of Piper (the one who can freeze time and blow things up with her hands). He says to me one day in the grocery store, "Watch Mom, I'm going to blow him up." He flicks out his hands in true Piper form and says, "Don't worry Mom I vanquished the demon." I hope this phase ends before preschool, I'd hate to have to come to school because they think my child is a bomb threat.

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