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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cabbage & Yogurt - What a wonderful combination!

When it comes to my Godchild, only God knows what she is going to say next. In a food obsessed society, it is no wonder that a girl can even get through a story without mentioning food mistakenly. My godchild does just that and does it with sass:

My sister: Kyla, why weren't you dancing? (dance practice in front of parents)
Kyla: Because everyone was looking at my butt and underarms.
My sister: What?
Kyla: Next time I'm gonna put some yogurt under my arms.
My sister: Do you mean deordorant?
Kyla: Yeah, that stuff!

My sister: Stop it, Kyla - you have a bad habit of that and your sister will only follow in your footsteps.
Kyla: (later)Mom says I've got a bad cabbage of that!

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Blogger Heth said...

Everyone was looking at my butt and underarms. HAHAHAHAHA

That is really really funny.

8:16 AM  

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