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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Got sick last week and you swear that WWIII broke out in my house. I was running fever of 102 and was laid up in bed for a few hours. My mistake thinking the household could run without me. My mistake thinking at least the house won't be torn apart. Hello, what was I thinking? When I awoke from my world of feverville filled with hallucinations - I found a fingerpainting of lotion on my bathroom mirror and another display of art using the medium "Ivarest" (maybe you've heard of it - it's the newest trend - poison ivy cream) in my shower. Did I dare venture to the rest of the house - of course - let's get it over with. Streamers of beautiful white toilet paper decorated my living room and brightly colored fruit loops lay on display on the kitchen floor. A white blanket of snow on my tabletop, looking quite similar to powdered donuts, and a wonderful structure built of VCR tapes lay on the floor. Now how could I get mad, I may have the next Picasso or Michaelangelo (I hope I spelled those right) under my roof. This expression of art of course was cleaned up, but I wasn't asking myself what will I do with this child. I was asking myself why didn't I ever hear of stories like this from my mom or other moms. Do you want to know why, because Moms don't get sick! At least they didn't long ago. So, to all those moms of long ago - please tell me what you drank, what you ate, what kind of air were you breathing, or heck did ya smoke somethin' - give me the secret of Supermom before my next Art Show.

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