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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh, Guilt - You Haunt Me So!

Guilt, by definition in the "mother guidebook", an overwhelming feeling that you have somehow or another affected your children in a negative way through their upbringing and will spend eternity blaming yourself for all the wrong paths they take. Guilt, something all mothers live with. You'll feel guilty that you may not have given them a wholesome breakfast, or sent your child off to school , but not before yelling at them, or that you spend all day writing blogs or reading them, or secretly watching mindless TV, or telling your child that Power Rangers doesn't play today, or even telling your hubby that due to your lack of sleep most of your body parts won't function properly so don't ask me for anything tonight.
Most of all, my guilt lies in what I may slip up with every once in awhile. Did I say something that will scar my child until late adulthood? Will he or she carry that emotional baggage with them and seek counseling for me telling them to "Shut-up" while American Idol was on, instead of "Be Quiet, Please!" Why do we torture ourselves with such thoughts? It's called anxiety or worry, but I'm going to give it another name for light of humor - Inyamama. So, when I'm spinning in a downward spiral of tears and my little one asks me why - I can turn around and say "Mommy has Inyamama. It's all in ya' mama's head, baby don't worry"

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