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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No Easy Street Here!

Claire Bear
Living near the Big Easy, definitely doesn't make life easy. I look at my little girl's smile and I wonder if she realizes what she has in store for her as she grows up. The position of female is a hard one to fill. In her smile, I remember what joy it was to be a kid - naive, oblivious to the world outside our town, our home, our room. The enlightening teenage years that brought pimples on your face and on your doorstep follows quickly after. Ah! those puberty years full of crushes, heartbreaks, restraints, and freedoms. Then comes the hard part, how can she smile, knowing that she will have to be the one who grows up to bleed for a week, bloat up like a hippo, and have breakdowns every 5 seconds and when she's not PMSing, she's bearing a baby, facing stretch marks & the reality of there is no turning back, and of course the big, huge, enourmous duty of a mother labor and delivery - why - because the blessing of childhood is she doesn't know. She's happy just laying there without knowing the world outside her playpen. Her pleasantries come from friendly faces, smiles, strange baby talk, cuddling, farting, bottles, and love. It doesn't matter that before she knows it she'll be the one cleaning up after the kids full of vomit and diarhea or picking up after her husband, paying the bills, cooking, volunteering at school, taking the kids to the park, baking cookies for the bake sale, and coaching or cheering on her big star's team. It doesn't matter, because right now she's just Claire Bear and hasn't realized the path set before her. On second thought maybe she's just smiling because she does know and will enjoy every bit of it as I have. I then smile realizing the journey on the beaten path was worth taking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She looks like a little hunter-bunter. TOO CUTE!!!!! LCF

6:08 AM  

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