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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Claire - Snow Princess
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Finally, estrogen in the family. It's been long awaited but her arrival has brought such joy that all the tremendous pain and agony over her pregnancy, labor, & delivery was well worth it. I just ask that my husband doesn't ask me for more kids or I will have him surgically implanted with my uterus. Claire is such a wonderful change to the norm in the family. I've already taken a picture of her in every outfit I can find due to the fact that I'm lucky if my boys put on any clothes at all. The birthday suit is the trend here. I look forward to the girly things, that's if my husband doesn't get to her first. Nonetheless, I will enjoy what girly things I can now, cuz all she can do is just lay there and take it like a lady. (HA!HA!)

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