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Monday, March 27, 2006

3 Man Fartin' Band

Geez! My boys and husband could create their own band with the variety of farts they provide. It is quite interesting, but stinky (as my husband is known as the "Green Fog"). They could title their record, "Stink." The songs could be entitled, "What's that stench?", "Pull my finger", "That's the night that I lost my sense of smell", and "It was the cabinets." My husband has turned my boys into farting machines and I find no humor in it. Hunter Bunter even asked my dad in church to pull his finger, he made a farting noise and laughed. They make music with it and force each other to smell it. One night my husband farted and Seth(ocrates) came around the corner running to tackle him and you'd swear there was an invisble force field around my husband, because Seth(ocrates) hit it and said, "Whoah! God that stinks Dad!" and fell down. Just a little sympathy would be nice for the woman who has to listen and smell the "3 Man Fartin' Band". Thanks!

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